REDTEK Consulting can provide long-term, short-term, or on-demand support options for any size business.  We provide you the flexibility to receive the proper amount of assistance throughout the Product Lifecycle.  Whether you need Maintenance of Line, New Product Introduction, or End of Life assistance we can provide the support you need.  REDTEK Consulting delivers focused solution implemented and executed as you need them.

We have delivered solutions for Fortune 100 Corporations and know how to navigate the complex and segmented internal landscape that can delay getting a product to market.  We can provide that extra push to get through all the gates of processes to ensure the product makes its market window.  REDTEK Consulting can ease the burden on your internal Product Management Teams allowing them to focus on the big picture.

REDTEK Consulting can provide full Product Lifecycle support for your business by developing product roadmaps and Product Requirement Documents, and market strategies.  We can provide make versus buy direction, global manufacturing options guidance, global distribution recommendations, and finalize product designs for manufacturability.  We can develop global product launch plans, quality control procedures, market positioning direction, final stages sales support, and next generation succession planning.  Our Enterprise experience can help your Product Teams evolve, taking your business to the next level.

REDTEK Consulting has delivered solutions for small companies to Fortune 100 Corporations and provides full Product Lifecycle Management support for many product types, industries, and markets.  Our global product management experience is always evolving and noted only at a very high level below.  Please contact us so we may provide you a detailed analysis of how we may help.