About REDTEK Consulting

REDTEK can provide long-term, short-term, or on-demand support options for any size business.  Growing and developing in a highly dynamic environment creates its own challenges and we offer the flexibility to move fluidly with your organization.  We provide the flexibility to assist throughout the Product Lifecycle.  Whether you need Maintenance of Line, New Product Introduction, or End of Life guidance, REDTEK will provide the support you need.  We can assist in vetting product concepts for maximum profitability and minimize constrained resources conflicts to present with market data for Venture Capitalist consideration.  REDTEK can provide make versus buy direction, manufacturing options guidance, distribution recommendations, finalize product designs for manufacturability and product launch plans.  REDTEK Consulting delivers focused solution implemented and executed as needed and when needed. 

Our History

REDTEK Consulting, founded in 1994, is a full Product Lifecycle Management focused company.  We have developed a wide range of hard and soft good solutions in a vast array of global markets including consumer wireless networking hardware and software, firearm hard goods, infant / toddler soft goods, and multi-million dollar generating e-commerce software products are the tip of the iceberg.  We hold many certifications including Digital Six Sigma (DMAIC & DMADV), Eight Disciplines, Microsoft Certified Solution Developers, and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers to name a few.